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Save time and reduce costs

Create your first chatbot with us. It will save your employees time by substituting them fully in online communication with recurring queries.

Why start with AiBOT immediately ?

We save up to 65% client´s costs of continually repeating processes after AiBOT technology deployment. There will be a substantial increase in conversions due to immediate reactions of chatbots, it is services or sales.


Up to 65% cost savings

After deploying AiBOT technology, we achieve up to 60% savings on human resources and time for recurring processes.


Prompt response and efficiency

AiBOT responds instantly at any time, so most customers are surprised by the approach and the growing efficiency in meeting goals.


Customers satisfaction

In satisfaction measurements and questionnaires, AiBOT often achieves higher ratings than commonly administered communication channels.

Our references


We save costs at repeating questions and answears when recruiting employees.

AiBOT will free hands of HR department members. Hire him as an operator. Increased contact processing efficiency and ever-improving communication with new applicants will result in high advertising cost savings.

AiBOT for booking services

Chatbot will enable you to correctly choose and book massage in nearest neighborhood.

At the  client he solves a comfortable massage booking. It also answers the most frequent questions and presents offered services in detail.

Competition AiBOT

Aibot easily enables customers to engage in competition: „Win Ford Mustang for the weekend"

It offers a contest that brings visitors to the web, raises awareness of the service offerings for the target audience, and then contacts them.

AiBOT for advice on nutrition counseling

Promotes brand credibility by true stories.

Chatbot allows you to make a consultation booking at the nearest branch office and offers the opportunity to compete for weight loss supplements.

Why use AiBOT immediately?

AiBOT is available 24/7. It works on basis of artificial intelligence (AI) and NLP models, constantly improving itself and handling many customers simultaneously. The future begins now and here.

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Intuitive interface

Manage chatbot quickly and easily.


Goal focused

Emphasizes your business KPI


Works non-stop

Even if your support sleeps.


Extensive database

Can answear many variations of unusual questions.


AI always learns

It solves immediately what it can, when it is not able to, it quickly learns.


Empathetic to user

Smart personalization to users based on collected data.

What our clients say

Chatbot enabled to address new target group for our competitions, mainly young generation that does not like sending text messages. I am satisfied with it!​
Caroline Brown
Marketing Manager
Aibot saved us the costs that we previously devoted on paying people who answered repeating questions. After we deployed chatbot, we could shift people to positions where they created valuable work for the company.
Melanie Finn
Assistant Director
Although it took Chatbot some time to learn how to answer questions in our field. Then, we were satisfied with the saved cost of human power, which was doing the same work unnecessarily. This repetitive activity was taken over by AiBOT.
Jacob MacKenzie
PR Communication
Chatbot presented our products clearly in the shopping phase, when customers were just beginning to be interested in our services and allowed them to make an independent booking.
Matthew Williams
Deputy Director



Often asked questions


Chatbot is able to take a fairly decent role as a human in simpler activities. It is best to start with recurring activities, such as finding out the information needed to identify the customer, finding the type of problem, and mechanically processing the result.

In the beginning it can happen with open answers. But in this case the conversation goes smoothly to human. Every problem and all possible solutions, including a broader understanding of the questioner’s problem, must be thoroughly learned and supplemented with answers.

Yes, of course. The more elaborate the chatbot, the more work it does. Saves time for people to support. Take a look at the chatbot investment graph and the cost of support. At the beginning you need to invest more in the development of chatbot, but over time and by constantly improving its complexity, human power will be much less required.

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